Essential Listening: RadioLabour

RadioLabour, which was launched at the beginning of this year by Canadian labor activist and educator Marc Bélanger, is essential listening for labor activists and anyone interested in the international labor movement. Among other things, you’ll be able to hear regular reports in English on the struggles of trade union activists in the former Soviet Union, and the same group of folks responsible for those reports has also recently begun producing a version of the program in Russian.


This week’s Solidarity Report is now available. The Report is 30 minutes of international labour news and features.

* Millions to strike in India

* UK Underground-subway workers to start rotating strikes

* General strike for pensions in France

* Helping migrant Workers in Canada

* Labor Day in the US and Canada

* Health care changes in UK need public input says union

* Special Report: HIV-AIDS discrimination in China

“The Solidarity Report” is made available every Sunday morning.

Scripts of “The Solidarity Report” are provided for unionists who are studying English as an Additional Language. Visit our website at:

A five-minute update of the latest international labour news “RadioLabour 5” is made available every Friday morning. RadioLabour 5 is available for mobile phones at:

RadioLabour will begin broadcasting a DAILY news report in January 2011.

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