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Museum conference at MACBA

Chto delat’s Dmitry Vilensky is taking part in a big conference on museums at the MACBA in Barcelona. Find the program of this conference below.

Musée d’art ancien, Département d’art moderne.

Rethinking cultural organizations in the new cultural economy


June 12 & 13 2008

6pm to 9pm Macba auditorium

Led by George Yudice, with the participation of Ana Carla Fonseca Reis, Maurizio Lazzarato, Stephen Wright and Gerardo Mosquera

MACBA Independent Studies Program (in the context of the course Economy and Culture taught by George Yudice)

Within the framework of Transform and Translate Culture 2000

By analyzing the factors that constitute the new “cultural economy,” defined by the replacement of industrial production by the production of immaterial goods and services as the base of economic growth, this symposium proposes a critical reflection about the effects of this “new era in capitalist development.” We will analyze the effects of this new era on the privatization of culture in the cultural and creative industries, on urban renewal, in the workplace, on intellectual copyright and in the realm of art. We will examine how the cultural economy interacts with the public sector and how the concept of cultural public service itself has evolved.

The structure of the symposium will be that of an open discussion departing from the short statements of the invited speakers; we hope to have an active debate as opposed to formal lectures.

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