This Blog Is Closed

Due to irreconcilable differences between the editorial staff of Chtodelat News and the Chto Delat work group, this blog is closed until further notice. Archival materials from the past five years will still be available here, but no new postings will be made from today.


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9 responses to “This Blog Is Closed

  1. Shit! How come? People are following the news, i totally understand that it takes enormous effort which never will be appreciated properly, but why to shut down? Can you please change your mind? It’s important

  2. I am sorry to hear that. Your perspective on events in the world and also within Russia have been eagerly anticipated by this reader. Could either group within this discussion recommend any sources until your discussion leads hopefull to reconciliation? Sources of art, resistance, communism, collaboration etc. You guys can feel free to email me or look me up on facebook. A

  3. Dear all subscribers of Chto Delat news – on behalf of the collective I very appologise for this declarative closure of this very important for all of us media resourse. As you might get it was provoked by certain disagreement on the post which depict the background of the financial funding of the Calvert 22 in London and its support by VTB bank (the post is now deleted by its author – the one who is “editorial staff of Chtodelat News” and prefer to stay anonymous). Me personally and collective can hardly agree that such a tiny art insitution in London is aimed and able to wash the dirty image of Russian politics by immersion into the studies of cultural marxism :) And we think that it make sense to collaborate following our protocols and use this institutional resourses for the good. Of course we totally support the warning letter on intership by PWB which make much more sense as abstract specualtions which money is clean enough to run a discussion on current state of marxism (see the letter is published here in the blog few days ago) – we hope that Calvert 22 as the reaction on this call will change its politics. The blog will continue it is presence and we hope that it will manage to stay as a reliable and good sourse of information on the events in Russian cultural and political life

    as ever Dmitry Vilensky

  4. hecksinductionhour

    The troublesome post in question HAS NOT been deleted by its author. As for the blog continuing its presence, it will only do that archivally. Especially after a confusing denunciation like the one above, we are reaffirmed in our desire to quit this blog for good.

  5. Ravenus

    No. I thought that had been reversed. I think it would be terrible if this site shut down for good. I will stop commenting now but if I have a vote it would be to resolve this dispute and carry on. There again, I also wanted to join the collective.

  6. christinamuellercm

    I really hope that you will be able to continue your blog! I enjoy reading this.

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