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The starting point of Reartikulacija no. 7, no. 8, and no. 9 is the analysis of the present state of things in relation to the historical role of capital in (de)regulating all social political, labour, epistemological, and life processes. A permanent state of exception is being developed to reshape society; making it sterile, incapable of thinking alternatively, i.e. transforming it into a politically dead society. Fear of losing jobs and houses, fear of migrants, of diversity, of the crisis, etc., has started to function as the basic regulator of life. Therefore, Reartikulacija no. 7, no. 8, and no. 9 want to show that capital’s upgrading strategies call for its firm and consequent denigration, criticism and degradation. Reartikulacija no. 7, no. 8, and no. 9 present a new structure of producing interdisciplinary radical-critical discourses. Although every number is meant to function independently, they are in fact all connected through the international project The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression. We define the latter as an International Research Project with Exhibition and Symposium that comprises the publishing of the 3 issues of Reartikulacija. It is through the conceptual base of the project that the collaboration of the exposed radical critical discourse of each issue starts to take place, thus unveiling not just the problematic side of capitalist exploitation, but also exposing all the strategies and modes of production by way of which capital has been subjugating people, territories, discourses, etc. The project The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression is a critical intervention in the structure of contemporary capitalist societies, aiming to shed light on social inequalities, contemporary forms of colonization, commodification, marginalization of various sexual and ethnic groups, and general exploitation by capital, which has been faced by the major part of the worlds population for centuries. The project puts focus on the development of a discursive/intervention platform between art, theory, philosophy and activism, in order to fight racism, homophobic normalities, exploitation, expropriation and coloniality. A crucial point is being presented in the framework of the project, namely the De-linking from Capital and the Colonial Matrix of Power, that through its double role (as a supplement and a symposium), further connects the issues no. 7, no. 8, and no. 9 together into an intervention marked by its uniformed multilayered intermediality. In this issue, only the texts included in the supplement De-linking from Capital and the Colonial Matrix of Power are translated into Slovene, since the precarious situation by which we are restricted persists, and does not allow us to provide additional funds for the basic fees (small, almost symbolic, but still important) for our faithful translators and language editors. Nevertheless, we will continue to publish Reartikulacija, regardless of the precarious situation, since we are clearly convinced that only through the constant production of radical-critical discourse are we able to detect new as well as old forms of oppression, and most importantly, that we can propose some changes in the end. Certainly, this is what it is all about, and maybe the general time is favorable to such ideas, as there are more and more of those who have enough regarding all the these necro-governmentality procedures imposed on our studies, actions and lives. We can unite our forces. This is our power, and the three issues of Reartikulacija testify this clearly.
—Marina Gržinić and Sebastjan Leban, Editors of the journal Reartikulacija





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Reartikulacija (no.7. 8 and 9) was published within the context of the International research project The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression. The project was supported by City Museum, Ljubljana, The Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana, International Foundation Forum of Slavic Cultures, company Luminus, University Nova Gorica, Slovenia, FI ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana and skupina group Irwin.

The publishing of the supplement De-linking from Capital and the Colonial Matrix of Power was made possible by: the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, group Irwin, Fotem, company Luminus,The Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Smart & Escargo.

The project is supported by ERSTE Foundation.
Publisher: Society for Contemporary Creativity HCHO.

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