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Turin: Police Raid Radio Blackout

The following solidarity appeal has been edited slightly to make it more readable.


Turin: Police raided Radio Blackout

23 February 2010

In the early morning, a big police operation in various Italian cities (Turin, Mantova, Trento and Cuneo) led to searches of 23 people, including Radio Blackout HQ. Among the people that were searched, three have been given house arrest and three are currently under arrest.

The operation comes at a very particular moment for Radio Blackout, currently under eviction orders from the Turin municipality, and during a moment of very strong criminalization of the movement, particulary Centri Sociali and squats.

The operation seems to be linked to the Anti-Racist coalition that is protesting against Detention Centres (CPT) in Turin, but it is obvious that the intent is to additionally criminalize the movement, which is active on many fronts (from No-TAV to anti-nuclear, anti-racist, anti-fascist and squats).

Then the bastards used mainstream media to promote their oppressive message:




The main police operation was orchestrated by PM Andrea Padalino, known for his xenophobic and racist ideas, such as introducing fingerprint identification for immigrants.

The intention of the operation was clearly to censor and shut down the voice of Radio Blackout, which is currently under attack and is running a campaign entitled “Shut Down Censorship, Turn on Radio Blackout.”

MORE INFO: http://radioblackout.org

Solidarity with all the people who were searched by police, the arrestees, and all the people who fight for freedom of speech.

To send letters to the arrested:

Andrea Ventrella, Fabio Milan e Luca Ghezzi
Via Pianezza 300
1011 Torino (To)


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