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The End of Saint Petersburg, or the Beauties of “Kettling”

s640x480On October 10, the coalition of grassroots organizations and opposition political parties trying to save one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Saint Petersburg, from runaway redevelopment will be gathering along with other concerned citizens for a so-called March for the Preservation of Saint Petersburg. So-called because city authorities have nixed all the coalition’s requests for actual march routes, permitting them instead only a standing demo outside the Yubileiny sports complex, on the city’s Petrograd Side. Anyone familiar with current practices in the Cradle of Three Revolutions (and Russia in general) will know this means that the non-march is likely to be yet another “kettling” operation on the part of the police — hundreds (if not thousands) of beat cops, plainclothes officers, and the riot squad (OMON), plus metal detectors and barriers. Continue reading


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