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Protest at Russian Embassy, London (Thursday, November 29)


Protest at Russian embassy – defend democracy activists

Free Russian democracy activists!

Free all members of Pussy Riot!

End the Repression!

London Protest:  Thursday 29 November, 6pm, opposite Russian Embassy, north side of Bayswater Road, corner of Ossington St  (Notting Hill Gate or Queensway tubes. Download the flyer here and sign up on Facebook.

Supported by Andrew Burgin, Ken Loach, John McDonnell MP, Derek Wall, Anticapitalist Initiative, Independent Socialist Network and Socialist Resistance

‘The continued oppressive treatment of dissidents makes a mockery of the pretence that Putin’s Russia is a tolerant and democratic country. I support the call for the immediate release of those imprisoned for political engagement. The true patriots are those who fight to end injustice and oppression in their homeland’.
—Ken Loach

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A “Coercive” Peace: The Harassment of the Leftist Press in Petersburg

In our last post, we reported on the confiscation of the latest issue of Chto Delat newspaper at the printing plant and the apparent connection between this and the arrest of another local Petersburg leftist as he was handing out his own newspaper, For Worker Power, to dockers at the Port of Saint Petersburg. In order to give our readers a better sense of how little it takes to get yourself or your newspaper taken into custody and threatened with charges of “extremism,” we have translated the article in For Worker Power (“A ‘Coercive’ Peace”) that seems to have gotten its editor (Alexei Drozdov) and the paper in hot water with the vigilant law enforcement authorities of Petersburg.The translation is followed by the editor/activist’s own account of his time in police custody, and a reasonably sympathetic report on both cases in the Petersburg popular press (“Hunting the Leftist Press”).



[by Alexei Drozdov]

An enormous number of articles in the press and TV news reports have dealt with the war in South Ossetia and Georgia. Most of them, however, have reflected the official position of Russian Federation authorities. This position is indistinguishable from the propaganda of one of the parties to the conflict.

Therefore it is important to know what role Russia played in starting this war. It is important to know not what the television and the newspapers tell us, but what they’re not telling us, what they’re hiding from us. Continue reading

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