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It’s a Free World?


Numbers and causes of migrant deaths in Fortress Europe


A tale of migration to the “free world”

This piece describes a generic journey that (mostly) young males from Afghanistan & NW Pakistan experience on their way to claiming asylum in the EU, and invariably Britain. The details of this blog piece have been taken from second-hand, research, listening to the stories that migrants in Calais have told me, as well as my own first-hand experience.


The journey they face is little short of a hideous crime and should bluntly rip through our moral conscience. This blog piece tries to describe a generic journey from Afghanistan and NW Pakistan to Britain through the EU – a place that is constructed by NATO as a model for civilized society. The evidence for this blog is based on my time spent working and talking with migrants in Calais, and should therefore before regarded as just a snap shot of some of the stories that are forged along this truly treacherous path.

Read the entire post here. A larger version of the map above can be found here.

Thanks to Babi Badalov for the heads-up.

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Babi Badalov: A Voice from the Asylum Jungle

We’ve posted here a couple of times about the travails and triumphs of our good friend the gay Azeri artist and activist Babi Badalov. Babi is now alive and well and seeking asylum in France. The other day he sent us the first two parts of a long poem that he’s writing about what he calls the “immigration asylum jungle system” in the UK and EU. He prefaced these poetic missives with the following self-captioned photograph, which was apparently taken by a police or press helicopter during the November 2006 riot at the Harmondsworth migrant detention center, in west London. As you’ll see from the caption, Babi was an inmate at the center during the riot. It was the first stop on a long odyssey that eventually led first to a brief, productive respite in Cardiff and then to his removal from the UK last autumn, after his asylum application was rejected, despite  a vigorous campaign on his behalf in Wales and elsewhere.

Babi’s poem, “VOICE FROM IMMIGRANT ASYLIM JUNGLE SYSTEM in EU,” is below the cut.


You Can See Me

You Can See Me on the Right Side Seat on Table

Hardmonsworth Worth Riot 2006 NOVEMBRE 29 Nacht to Novembre 30
Duration of RIOT 1 Jour

Pour Museum Memory History of UK Immigration Jungle System Society

Babi Badalov


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