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Center “E”: A Single K.O. in Barnaul

If you read our article about the case of Artem Loskutov, you might remember that we mentioned Daniil Poltoratsky, a young Left Front activist in Barnaul (Altai Krai), who began a one-man hunger strike at noon yesterday (June 4) to protest the lawless actions of the Interior Ministry’s Center for Extremism Prevention—the notorious Center “E”—who have been persecuting oppositionists in Altai Krai as well. 

Now the Institute for Collective Action (IKD) has reported that late yesterday afternoon Daniil was briefly kidnapped and beaten by persons unknown.

PoltoratskiThe kidnapping took place near the entrance to the regional administration building, where Daniil is carrying out his protest. At around 5:00 p.m. local time, three persons unknown grabbed Poltoratsky, hit him several times, pushed him into a VAZ-2115 car with tinted windows and no license plates, and sped from the scene.

Although the kidnapping happened just opposite the entrance to the regional administration building, which is heavily guarded, no one reacted to cries for the police to intervene. Approximately forty minutes after he was kidnapped, Poltoratsky telephoned to say that he had been severely beaten by his kidnappers and then tossed out of their car in an abandoned lot. He was later taken to the hospital for treatment.

Poltoratsky intends to continue his hunger strike in order to force representatives of the regional administration to meet with him. He also intends to file a complaint with the police, asking them to open an investigation into his kidnapping.


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