Emergency INDEX 2012 (call for submissions)


Every year, Emergency INDEX invites authors to document performances they made in the previous year. By including performances regardless of their country of origin, their genre, aims, or popularity, INDEX is the only print publication of its kind, revealing a breathtaking variety of practices used in performance work as it actually exists today. For readers, INDEX offers a cutting edge view of performance as it is used in dance, theater, music, visual art, political activism, scientific research, poetry, advertising, terrorism, and other disciplines. For artists, INDEX provides an opportunity to document the most important aspects of new work, without the need for spin or salesmanship. For anyone interested in contemporary performance, INDEX is required reading.

Emergency Index 2011 is in stores now, documenting nearly 250 performance works made in 27 countries during the year. It is also available directly from UGLY DUCKLING PRESSESPD, and now available in the United Kingdom through UNBOUND.

DEADLINE: 11:59 PM DECEMBER 31, 2012

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