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Crowdfunding Update

Thank you to everybody who has helped support our campaign so far. We’re now close to a third of our target sum of £5,500 for the Mute Magazine Contributors’ budget. Crucially, we need to reach 100% of our target in order to collect any of the donations that have been pledged so far. This means we need your help more than ever. It’s an all or nothing deal!

We also have two new donation gifts available to our crowdfunders take a look at

— Help us reach the full 100% — if we don’t reach our total then we don’t get funded!

Please help in whichever way you can:

– Please donate whatever amount you can by clicking on the project link below. We really would appreciate any contribution you are able to make.

– Help us promote the campaign by sending news of the campaign to friends, mailing lists, blogs and any social media feeds you think are appropriate, saying why it is so important to continue to support Mute‘s contributors.


See the project:

Watch the video:

Read more about the project and why Mute needs to do Crowdfunding:


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