No Culture Icons

Given the events of the past year, here is a truly timely contribution to the “debate” and the “discourse” from publishing house Routledge and a group of western Slavists. The Russian grassroots (i.e., a “tiny minority”) should rest assured knowing that “scholars” in the west have their backs covered. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen!

Putin as Celebrity and Cultural Icon

Though in recent months Putin’s popularity has frayed at the edges, the dearth of comparably powerful and experienced political leaders leaves no doubt that he will continue to be a key political figure. During his tenure as Russia’s President and subsequently as Prime Minister, Putin transcended politics, to become the country’s major cultural icon. This book examines the nature of his iconic status. It explores his public persona as glamorous hero, endowed with vision, wisdom, moral and physical strength—the man uniquely capable of restoring Russia’s reputation as a global power. In analysing cultural representations of Putin, the book assesses the role of the media in constructing and disseminating this image and weighs the Russian populace’s contribution to the extraordinary acclamation he enjoyed throughout the first decade of the new millennium, challenged only by a tiny minority.

And now, a musical pause while we go to the toilet to vomit:

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  1. Un-fucking-believable! Just disgraceful for Routledge for publishing this trash. Where in the world are these “scholars” getting their information? Perviy Kanal??! – Corina

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