Another BRIC in the Wall: The Russian Economic Miracle Continues

More news from the ongoing Russian economic miracle:

Russia is the poorest performer within the BRICS group, with the government showing significant weaknesses in the area of steering capability. The country lags in terms of central government strategic planning capacity, effective interministerial coordination and implementation capacity. Given the prevalence of political patronage and clientelism, the lack of involvement of independent experts and other stakeholders, and frequent contradi[c]tions in the communication of policies, forward-looking policy-making in the sense of sustainable government is practically impossible in today’s Russia. Even the medium term holds little hope of improvement, as the Russian Federation is also the worst performer in the “organizational reform capacity” criterion which examines institutional self-monitoring and reform capabilities. In comparing structures for the involvement and participation of civil society, only China fares worse.

Full study at

Hence the need for all those “defense of traditional values” (i.e., fascist) sideshows.

Thanks to Nikolaus von Twickel for the heads-up.

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