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Friday Evening Musical Movement: Dancing on Water in Petersburg

It truly is a magical time of year in Petersburg, Russia’s Northern Capital and the Venice of the North. These limber school leavers decided to celebrate by dancing “on” water (as the caption has it) near the beach outside the Peter and Paul Fortress (and pimping for Bank Rossiya in the bargain).

Meanwhile, in other parts of town, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was underway. The city’s non-elected governor delighted guests at a reception held in conjunction with the forum with “nine-year-old girls in the role of living statues” (as the fellow who posted this photo on Twitter put it).

But what Petersburg celebration would be complete without senseless arrests? Yesterday evening, police nabbed our comrade Filipp Kostenko on Saint Isaac’s Square and wrestled him into a paddy wagon. His crime? According to local news web site Zaks.ru, Filipp was arrested and charged with violating city regulations on the use of parks and disobeying a police officer, adding that “next to him on a bench were blank sheets of paper, since activists were planning to draw posters for pickets.”

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