English Defence League Strategists Exposed as Tycoons

Unite Against Fascism

December 11, 2011
EDL: secret strategists ‘Lake’ and ‘Gaia’ exposed as tycoons

Alan Lake, the mastermind behind the racist and fascist English Defence League has been exposed as the rich director of a City investment fund – and his real name is Alan Ayling.

Lake is the strategist who boasted of how he has brought football hooligan firms together to create the EDL’s army of racist street thugs.

He is a vicious anti-Muslim racist and open in his support of fascist organisations such as the Sweden Democrats and Hungary’s Jobbik party, whose uniformed paramilitary organisation terrorises Roma communities.

Lake described the massacre of 69 innocent people in Norway by fascist Anders Behring Breivik as “chickens coming home to roost”.

And on his 4Freedoms website, he has discussed the merits of killing prime minister David Cameron, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams.

He has admitted funding the EDL, telling Norway’s TV2 channel: “I have given some money to help some EDL things happen.”

City fund

Lake’s real name is Alan Ayling and he was, until January, a director of City fund Pacific Capital Investment Management, the Sunday Times reported. The fund was wound up in August.

Ayling, born in March 1954, lives in a luxury £500,000 flat in London’s Barbican Centre, where the founding meeting of the EDL was held in 2009.

That brought together Stephen Yaxley Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson), now the EDL’s leader, and members of the shadowy “counterjihad” network of vicious anti-Muslim racists of which Lake/Ayling is a key part.

Ayling has now been quizzed by police as part of the investigation into the Breivik massacre.

“Lake” had a falling out with the EDL back in August.

Property tycoon

But his fellow “counterjihadist”, a woman known by the pseudonym “Gaia”, is still closely connected to the EDL – and part of steering it in the direction of its recent alliance with the British Freedom Party, a fascist group that splintered off from the British National Party.

The BFP-EDL tie-up brings together the two elements of a classic fascist organisation – an electoral, suit-wearing BFP wing and the EDL’s army of street thugs – in an open alliance of linked organisations.

“Gaia” – named in the Sunday Times as buy-to-let property tycoon Ann Marchini, who lives in a £1.6m Highgate mansion – is also understood to have been at the 2009 founding meeting. She is reported to also use the alias Dominique Devaux.

BFP tie-up

Gaia was also at the EDL’s 19 November “Way forward” meeting, where the street thug cadre assembled to hear news of the tie-up with the BFP, and reported on the event for both the EDL and BFP websites.

Marchini and the counterjihadist clique, who have substantial international connections, believe that “going political” with the BFP will help bring money into the organisation.

A lawyer for Marchini told the Sunday Times: “Ann Marchini does not operate under the alias of either Dominique Devaux or Gaia. She is a member of British Freedom but joined only to support her personal friend Paul Weston.”

Weston is the former UKIP candidate hurriedly shunted into the position of BFP chair last month, when the fascist group carried out a cosmetic clean-up, moving its most prominent former BNP leaders discreetly off its executive committee.

Ann Marchini’s name and address in London N6 (a Highgate postcode) appear on a list of EDL donors released after the EDL’s website was hacked last year.

Thanks to Comrade Agata for the heads-up.

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