Jeff Monson: The Russia Trip

Jeff Monson — The Russia Trip

November 28, 2010

Well guys I had a very frustrating fight as you know. Trained really hard on getting in on the inside but didn’t carry out the game plan at all for some reason. So basically we ended up having a kickboxing match. That didn’t turn out so good…lol.

Ended up breaking my leg in the second round from the one kick I checked in the match. After the fight I had a choice of two hospitals. One for everyday folks and one for visitors and government officials. I picked the local everyday folk hospital as I was told it was closer to the arena. I’m obviously not a big fan of the medical industrial complex in the US as it is profit driven however, the experience at this hospital did make me appreciate the comfort of health care in this country. Upon arrival there were ER staff smoking in the lobby. The hallways were full of wandering patients that looked like they were just out of a civil war battle. I had to fight with one of the doctors to avoid having my skull x-rayed. Eventually I got an x-ray for my leg which showed it was broken (something I already knew) and had it casted. I got 16 stitches on the inside and outside of my lip with a material that could of passed for chicken wire. It was so sharp it was making my gums bleed so I took them out myself. Saying that, the doctors were very kind and despite the inadequate medical equipment/supplies they knew what they were doing.

The most difficult part to be honest was trying to make it back to the US on crutches and in a cast. On crutches now but out of the cast, so that’s good.

Before the fight I did three seminars which went very well. I had between 75-85 people at each one. The students were very enthusiastic and had a higher skill level than what I thought. I got to train with the students at the end of the seminars and everyone was very determined and respectful. Participation in sport is taken very seriously. The seminar for the anarchist[s] on Saturday was fantastic. I met a lot of very cool people. Disappointed I didn’t have more time there. Very much looking forward to going back in the Spring to Moscow and St Petersburg.

There’s a big rumor reported by the media that I beat up two police officers to help a homeless man. The truth is a homeless man was being assaulted by police in the subway. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up and walked with him for a bit but I never talked to or touched the officers. I’ve gotten a lot of support and I really appreciate it. I know the fight didn’t go as I planned and that hurts more than the body.

20111128-114522.jpgGoing to train hard to win the next fight. As a last note, Fedor is a class act and actually came into the locker room after the fight to check on me and felt bad I injured my leg. As far as Putin and the booing at the end of the fight, well that’s another story at some other time…………

 Via Antifa.Ru


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