Michael Chanan: Chronicle of Protest


CHRONICLE OF PROTEST. A film by Michael Chanan about the movement against government spending cuts in the universities and beyond with students, activists and citizens of the real big society. Featuring Terryl Bacon ‧ Terry Eagleton ‧ Mehdi Hasan ‧ Joe Kelleher ‧ Josie Long ‧Len McCluskey ‧ Blake Morrison ‧ Paul O’Prey ‧ Nina Power ‧ Michael Rosen ‧ Lee Salter ‧ Clifford Singer ‧ Duncan Smith ‧ Mary Warnock ‧UK Uncut ‧ University of Strategic Optimism and more. Strawberry Thieves Choir ‧ Sly and Reggie. Songs by Banner Theatre. In collaboration with the New Statesman and Roehampton University.

Editor’s Note. Thanks to Infinite Thought for the heads-up.

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Filed under activism, film and video, protests, student movements, trade unions

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