2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress (Istanbul)

2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress

On Horizons: Art and Political Imagination
4–6 November 2010

Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Turkey

On Horizons: Art and Political Imagination, the second in the series of FORMER WEST Research Congresses is streamed live at www.formerwest.org, 4–6 November 2010 (Istanbul time, GMT +2 hours). You can also follow the congress on twitter @FormerWest and post questions to the speakers on our FORMER WEST facebook (discussion section). The congress revolves around the theoretical notion of the “horizon” and its place within artistic production and political imagination today. It takes place in Turkey at the Technical University, Istanbul. A detailed program of the proceedings is available online at: www.formerwest.org.

In the 2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress, a group of remarkable artists, curators, and scholars gather in Istanbul to engage in a conversation about the issues related to the notion of horizon. Speakers at the Congress include: Julie Ault (artist and writer, New York), Boris Buden, (cultural critic and writer, Berlin), Beatriz Colomina (architecture historian and theorist, New York), Jodi Dean (political theorist and writer, Geneva, NY), TJ Demos (art historian and critic, London), Bülent Diken (social theorist, Lancaster), Çağlar Keyder (sociologist, Istanbul/ Binghamton), Vasif Kortun (curator and writer, director of Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul), Ernesto Laclau (political theorist, Buenos Aires/London), Lisette Lagnado (curator and writer, São Paulo), Peter Osborne (philosopher and writer, London), Gerald Raunig (philosopher and art theorist, Zürich), Vivian Rehberg (art historian and critic, FORMER WEST research curator, Paris/Utrecht), Shuddhabrata Sengupta (artist and writer, member of Raqs Media Collective, Delhi), Robert Sember (artist and activist, member of Ultra-red, New York), Simon Sheikh (curator and critic, Berlin), Hito Steyerl (filmmaker and writer, Berlin), Wouter Vanstiphout (architectural historian), and Dmitry Vilensky (artist and activist, member of Chto Delat?/What is to be done?, St. Petersburg).

Initiated and developed by: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst
Postbus 19288 , NL-3501 DG Utrecht, T +31 (0)30 2316125 info@formerwest.org, www.formerwest.org

The 2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress is developed and realized by

The 2nd FORMER WEST Research Congress is generously supported by

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