Solidarity Appeal from Brunnenstraße 183 (Berlin)

Despite the common misconception that Berlin has a thriving squatting community, Brunnenstraße 183 is the last open squat left in the city, and so the only house project in Berlin where no rent is paid. 183 has been squatted since 1992, but has been seriously facing eviction since the eviction date scheduled June 18th 2009. In the first weeks of June the old artist collective moved out, thereby avoiding confrontation with police. For the past 17 years there have been various collectives, mostly artists. However, as of June a new collective has started, consisting of anarchists, autonomes, punks, artists, travellers, feminists, legalisers, libertarians and radicals willing to build barracades and protect the house from eviction. This new group changed the agenda and concept of the house, establishing it as a radical anarchist and anticapitalist house-project.

Since June, we have started a weekly bike workshop, set up a house library, maintained the free shop and bar (Ballast der Republik), continued vokü twice a week and put on regular concerts and workshops. We also now have a practice space for local bands.

We have found alternatives to most costs in the house, for example: disposing of trash ourselves and composting, receiving dumpstered food from an autonomous group 3 times a week, we heat the house with scrap wood and try to pay other bills from donations and what we make doing concerts and the bar. However, due to outstanding debts from the old collective and new legal bills, we have fallen behind on our water bill and currently owe in the region of €2000s. We have had our water cut off several times in the last months, which is not only fucked up in the day-to-day running of the house, but puts the whole squat in massive jeopardy due to a German law squats without running water for 48hrs deemed “unsanitary” and therefore eligible for something similar to a “direct reposession order” in the UK.

On these grounds we call for solidarity in the form of soliconcerts or donations. Seriously, anything helps and all feedback appreciated. Email us for soli-account info and more information etc.





from the Brunnenstraße 183
Wir Bleiben Alle!



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3 responses to “Solidarity Appeal from Brunnenstraße 183 (Berlin)

  1. tarzan

    Hallo Alter… Donations??? And what is the fucking account number?

    • hecksinductionhour

      We were just passing on the appeal. As you may have noticed, there are two e-mail addresses at the bottom of the post. If you write to one or both of these addresses, we’re sure they can provide you with all the details.

  2. Dominik

    we got evicted less than a month after sending this. 600 police for 21 people in the house.

    a new solidarity callout will be sent out very soon as there have been many arrests and there will be much anti-repression cost.

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