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Solidarity Appeal from Brunnenstraße 183 (Berlin)

Despite the common misconception that Berlin has a thriving squatting community, Brunnenstraße 183 is the last open squat left in the city, and so the only house project in Berlin where no rent is paid. 183 has been squatted since 1992, but has been seriously facing eviction since the eviction date scheduled June 18th 2009. In the first weeks of June the old artist collective moved out, thereby avoiding confrontation with police. For the past 17 years there have been various collectives, mostly artists. However, as of June a new collective has started, consisting of anarchists, autonomes, punks, artists, travellers, feminists, legalisers, libertarians and radicals willing to build barracades and protect the house from eviction. This new group changed the agenda and concept of the house, establishing it as a radical anarchist and anticapitalist house-project.

Since June, we have started a weekly bike workshop, set up a house library, maintained the free shop and bar (Ballast der Republik), continued vokü twice a week and put on regular concerts and workshops. We also now have a practice space for local bands.

We have found alternatives to most costs in the house, for example: disposing of trash ourselves and composting, receiving dumpstered food from an autonomous group 3 times a week, we heat the house with scrap wood and try to pay other bills from donations and what we make doing concerts and the bar. However, due to outstanding debts from the old collective and new legal bills, we have fallen behind on our water bill and currently owe in the region of €2000s. We have had our water cut off several times in the last months, which is not only fucked up in the day-to-day running of the house, but puts the whole squat in massive jeopardy due to a German law squats without running water for 48hrs deemed “unsanitary” and therefore eligible for something similar to a “direct reposession order” in the UK.

On these grounds we call for solidarity in the form of soliconcerts or donations. Seriously, anything helps and all feedback appreciated. Email us for soli-account info and more information etc.





from the Brunnenstraße 183
Wir Bleiben Alle!


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Craig Murray and John Pilger on the “War on Terror”

Last July, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said this, and I quote: “It’s important for us all to remember here in Australia that Afghanistan has been a training ground for terrorists worldwide, a training ground also for terrorists in South-East-Asia, reminding us of the reasons that we are in the field of combat and reaffirming our resolve to remain committed to that cause.”

There is no truth in this statement. It is the equivalent of his predecessor John Howard’s lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Shortly before Kevin Rudd made that statement, American planes bombed a wedding party in Afghanistan. At least sixty people were blown to bits, including the bride and groom and many children. That’s the fifth wedding party attacked, in our name.

The prime minister was standing outside a church on a Sunday morning when he made his statement. No reporter challenged him. No one said the war was a fraud: that it began as an American vendetta following 9/11, in which not a single Afghan was involved. No one put it to Kevin Rudd that our perceived enemy in Afghanistan were introverted tribesmen who had no quarrel with Australia and didn’t give a damn about south-east Asia and just wanted the foreign soldiers out of their country. Above all, no one said: “Prime Minister, There is no war on terror. It’s a hoax. But there is a war of terror waged by governments, including the Australian government, in our name.” That wedding party, Prime Minister, was blown to bits by one of the latest smart weapons, such as the Hellfire bomb that sucks the air out of the lungs. In our name.

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Crisis Special (Museum Sztuki, Lódz)

Crisis Special
Date: November 10, 2009 at 5 pm
Venue: ms2 – Muzeum Sztuki, 19 Ogrodowa Str, Lódz
Info: www.msl.org.plwww.publicpreparation.org

Speakers: Iza Desperak (Lódz), Marina Gržinić (Ljubljana/Vienna), Jens Haaning (Copenhagen)

The international seminar Crisis Special, a part of the Public Preparation series, is dedicated to the critical exploration of interconnections between nationalist ideology and the capitalist economic system.

The Crisis Special seminar continues the agenda of the Public Preparation project, which attempts to deal critically with the growing tendencies of nationalism in contemporary Europe, and nationalism’s reflections and articulations in contemporary art practice. During the Public Preparation project, the issue of nationalism is split into thematic sequences that all focus on different aspects of the phenomenon. The current edition of the project is being held in collaboration with the Muzeum Sztuki in Lódz and focuses on the symbiotic links between diverse forms of nationalism in the public sphere and different aspects of the neoliberal, free market economy.

Some parts of the world, former Eastern Europe among them, have not yet recovered from the global economic meltdown and, according the darkest prognosis, it may take a decade to reach the pre-crisis level and restore economic growth. Besides populism, protectionist policies have also emerged, re-gained popularity, and started to play a central role in emergency plans for economies directed by national governments. How are national values and traditions used as an excuse for economic activities and corporate politics? How is capital used as a tool of power to fulfill nationalist-imperialist policies in particular regions? How might the return to protectionist politics influence nationalist movements in contemporary Europe during this crises of global capitalism? How do they deal with migration and transnational identity? These are just few first questions that have come up while following reports in daily papers’ economy pages…

As Brian Holmes pointed out in his latest book when discussing the phenomenon of “capital failure”, the form and function of the national state, by mediating its inhabitants and individual enterprises, both inside and outside its borders, reconfigures under the pressure of global economic forces. Capitalist principles form a fundamental part of modern economies, and having developed hand in hand with modern nation state apparatuses, the interdependence of these power structures is evident, although not so obvious at the first sight. Global capitalism is often seen as a cosmopolitan, borderless structure that relies on liberal values, but it rarely manifests its main methodology of reproducing itself – the latter taking advantage of cheaper labour costs in less developed parts of the world, and relying on the exclusion and inclusion conducted by governments of nation states. Recent changes in the global economy and the revival of nationalism force us to recognise, discuss and examine, the changes in relations between these two ideological super-forces which drive the world.

As Public Preparation is and has always been a self-educational project, the aim of this seminar/workshop is not to give final answers and offer finished, ready-to-go, solutions, but rather it is to raise questions and open up discussions in multiple directions. Therefore, two art professionals – outstanding theoretician Marina Gržinić, and the classic figure of contemporary political conceptual art, Jens Haaning – have been invited to participate. Both have addressed the paradoxes of nationalist ideology and capitalist economic structure in their previous practice. The whole scenario will be framed from Polish perspective through the eyes of Iza Desperak, a sociologist and feminist activist.

The seminar language is English and entrance is free. Please register at info(at)publicpreparation.org

For further information please contact:
Rael Artel, curator, rael(at)publicpreparation.org
Magdalena Ziólkowska, host, magda.ziolkowska(at)gmail.com

– Bios of the speakers:
– Abstracts of the presentations:
– Programme:

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