Babi Badalov: A Voice from the Asylum Jungle

We’ve posted here a couple of times about the travails and triumphs of our good friend the gay Azeri artist and activist Babi Badalov. Babi is now alive and well and seeking asylum in France. The other day he sent us the first two parts of a long poem that he’s writing about what he calls the “immigration asylum jungle system” in the UK and EU. He prefaced these poetic missives with the following self-captioned photograph, which was apparently taken by a police or press helicopter during the November 2006 riot at the Harmondsworth migrant detention center, in west London. As you’ll see from the caption, Babi was an inmate at the center during the riot. It was the first stop on a long odyssey that eventually led first to a brief, productive respite in Cardiff and then to his removal from the UK last autumn, after his asylum application was rejected, despite  a vigorous campaign on his behalf in Wales and elsewhere.

Babi’s poem, “VOICE FROM IMMIGRANT ASYLIM JUNGLE SYSTEM in EU,” is below the cut.


You Can See Me

You Can See Me on the Right Side Seat on Table

Hardmonsworth Worth Riot 2006 NOVEMBRE 29 Nacht to Novembre 30
Duration of RIOT 1 Jour

Pour Museum Memory History of UK Immigration Jungle System Society

Babi Badalov





part 1

(2% expirency of my asylum hell memories)


3 years ago

i ddnt now

zero jungle

immigration forest

near black woods austria

and all over western europe

i ddnt knew

i ddnt nau

hau sik asaylim

hau to go

to europa vizaouzviza

end seek asylum asaylm zera

after 3 yias in ze asaylm hell

a nau i nau vots its asaylm

hau woks asaylm sistem

i nau whom they grant

hau they grant

who they grant

after sik asylum

in london

i begin my horror asylum life thru detention centers in UK

1 st arrest rayt after 3 day claim asylum at east croydon

i vos teyken to xardmonsworz detentione sentr named

quin Elizabet 2

it wos so fanny

after all deys sit on asylum seeker hall room

indian woman at ze end of dey kam to mi

shi told mi

follow me

i follow her and shi bring m to rum vera there wait for me big curli blond hair russian translator

and woman with small very chip record player in ze xyo xend

shi began kueshining me

end seym taym recording

afte vayl

one very big vayt another big black large man com to rumm

they told me

stend on corner

blek man put cloves on xis xend begin syorch me check

 all my body

after white men in front black man behaind me

they bring me to the rum and close door on me and whiteman open small hol on the door told me

if you need anything to eat drink ask

its was terrible feeling why what happning

may be they sending me back to azerbaijan

i nak large monitoring window wehre behind seat officer- lesbian

i ask come pliz to room

shi kom to room and i ask her what happening

she said everything will b ok

they will tak you to pleys where you will xav hot meal and hot shower and nice bed

after she bring me boring english cold triangle bread sandvich and krisps

i look books on shelf

zera only bible koran and som else boring buks

i luk tualet room very agressiv metal luu

after several hours 2 yang man com

teykk me to back side building

they open metal door which direkt step to jail van

zey bring m to detentione sentro

vera immidietly foto ID fashistik check

after zey bring me to rum

where afgani man was praying and bengali yang boy wos crying cover him in bed

afte while ozers afgani kam my room

they spik language vich i understand

zey vos telling

zis man is kuni kun

its min this man lavs his ass to be fucked

they look at mi laf

afte i was so scared that i will sleep they will kam fak me

1 by 1 and may i will have gud taym but i was affarid

 may b afte fak zey will kill because its may be haram

i ran ask affiser with fashitic luk

exkuzmi exkuzmi

i dont want slip there with afgani fanatik muslim man

in ze seym rum

i am homosexual

i am veri affraid

i will not sleep zera tunayt

sexy stocky fashistik luk affiser take mi to other building where onli yang nigerian boy

i stey with nigerian boy who very religi all ze taym pray

every night he tolk with god and teyk his matras down floor sleep on th floor

after 2 wik being in xardmonsworz detention center seeing so many idiots i slowly learn about asylum system

1 st word was bail after appeal

i was taken to interview

whre i didnt naw why

after 1 week big havy letter kom and they sey you have claimed asylum you refused

i ask when i have claim asylum

zey sey remember interview

it wos your claim

i remember racist woman was giving me many question with very agressive look to not only my eyes but deeper



 (4% expirency of my asylum hell memories)

in my xend big havy letter i come to my room

i opened letters

insayd so many pages

with so many announ to me words blanks forms all kind oze burokraticks brein washing garbage lau direksion

signatur  places

begin time dates end end of time dates

i wos so confused look at this abstracktion its remind me someone at muzey arta moderna looking at jekson pallok painting to understand what idea or consept has put on his peinting jekson pallok

i didnt nau vot to do

 i go officer ask

exkuzmi what its and what i shud do with this peypers

affiser told mi

it yiz yoouurs refusal dokuments of yuurs claim asylum

yu ken appil egeinst of zis desijn

xia forr yu salisitors adres ss ss lists

yu can chuz several salisitors end send rizn of youuu appil to zem and zey ken xelp yuuu to appil to ze kourt

end remember you arre in biggest dettensione sentro in Unayted KingKongdom by Xitrouuu eiirport

it yiz onli dettyension sentro of Unayted KingKongdom vera all asaylm siker in fast trak

it yiz min asaylim sikers hia keyses immigration maza and faza fakars affisers veri kuikly exzam and deport very kuikli bek to zeir kauntry sru xitroouuu eirport

zet vay yuu xev onli ten deys for tu meyk up appeal egeinst youurs refusal

after affiser told mi

vi give you help

zera voluunter man froummm Yuganda

xu also deteyni

xis neym abdulla ugandian muslulman

xu xes bin living in UK 25 yiars and has brit tish passaporta byat xi meyk kraym and wos in jail 8 yiars

bay UK law xu dyont byorn in UK end dosent matter hi live in UK 50 or 100 yias after kraym xi must be go bek to xis his kauntry music vera hi is born

it yiz nyu law by george gordon braun bayron

i kom abdulla room end i show him all letter end xi told mi

seat down write why you want kleim asylum and fill up this documenyts and after i go viz yu we send to menyi salisitors

you will see tomorrow solisitors will kam to pick yuu

end with vot solisitors you meyk sign that min he will be yours salisitors

the nyext dey i was kolled to affic in end of my jail koridor

affiser teyk me i follow affisers open one door with specially touch and talk by local polis mobil connecktion from one gate to other bilding again thru bilding again to ozer bildint and layk always bring to waiting rum

seeat zera yuu will be kolled

in rumms layk always boring grey monitor tv and deteyni froumm shri lanka kamerun pakistani kurdish somali sudani so meni meni ozers sitting wait to bi kolled

layk alweys i onli look for handsome to me man enjoy his lukkk

(to be continie)

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