The Militant Modernist: Owen Hatherley

owen-hatherleyBelieve it or not, Chtodelat News is interested in more than just the endless war between Center “E” and “extremist” artists. Please check out this interview with our comrade Owen Hatherley on the perils of blogging in a text-saturated age, his new book Militant Modernism, and the answer to our favorite question, What is to be done?

As to what should be done, well – a wave of full nationalisations, without compensation, combined with an attendant expansion of workers’ control – something made much more viable by the internet and other advanced technologies – would be a good start. We also need, and could undergo, a fourth industrial revolution to convert a dead-end economy based on fossil fuels and rapacious growth to less destructive energies and technologies. This would be a huge Modernist project, easily the equal of the earlier technological revolutions but without making the same mistakes, with a vast potential for the creation of new forms or new and better ways of living. I think most of this would be popular, far more now than at any time for decades.

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