Solidarity with Alexei Olesinov

A Moscow anti-fascist is on trial for his anti-fascist beliefs! International solidarity is needed!

Next Monday, 21 April 2009, a verdict will be announced in the trial of Moscow anti-fascist Alexei Olesinov.

He has already been in pretrial incarceration for more than five months (since 6 November 2008). The prosecutor has asked that he be sentenced to five years in prison. The anti-fascist is accused of “group hooliganism” (Article 213, Part 2, Russian Federation Criminal Code).  Specifically, he is accused of fighting with guards at the Cult night club, in Moscow. This incident is alleged to have taken place on 30 August 2008. He was arrested two months after this incident, and a criminal case was opened only then. It has been falling apart from the very beginning: for instance, there is no “injured party” (the guards claim that neither moral nor physical harm was caused). All the evidence and statements of witnesses prove that the case is completely fabricated.  The investigation agencies also claim in their investigation file that Olesinov is a leader of an “informal movement—antifa,” as if this were an additional crime. So this is an explicit case of political persecution.

It is quite likely that Alexei Olesinov could receive a long prison term. Besides the fact that our comrade would be deprived of freedom, this would also set a really dangerous precedent for the Russian anti-fascist and other movements if a person active in these movements can be sent to prison on absolutely arbitrary grounds.

While there is still time, we can try to influence the decision currently being made at a very high level by putting international pressure on the authorities. A person should not be sentenced for their anti-fascist convictions, especially not on Hitler’s birthday.

We need your help and solidarity! What can you do? Organize actions at Russian embassies, demanding immediate freedom for Alexei Olesinov.

You can phone, send a fax or a telegram to the court where the case of Olesinov is being tried. Demand that the criminal prosecution of Alexei Olesinov be stopped and that he be freed immediately!

Fax/phone number: +7 (495) 911-03-85, marked for “Konovalova N.V.”
Address: 109147, Russia, Moscow, Marksistskij per., 1/32
I.o. predsedatelya Taganskogo rajonnogo suda Konovalovoj N.V.

In Russian:

 109147, Россия, Москва, Марксистский пер., 1/32
Исполняющей обязанности председателя Таганского районного суда
Коноваловой Наталье Владимировне

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  1. whats the decision?

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