Ultime Hyper Totale Gauche (UHT)

Ultime Hyper Totale gauche
A gauch’ de la gauch’ de la gauch’
De l’extrême gauche
Ultime Hyper Totale gauche
Bien pire que la gauche de la gauche
De toutes les gauches

Inspired by the case of the Tarnac Nine, this cute song is by la Parisienne Libérée. The rest of the lyrics can be found here.

UPDATE! Now the BBC is in on the act:


A spokesman for the interior ministry, Gerard Gachet, told the BBC that the threat was real.

“The term ‘ultra-left’ was used by the interior minister to set this group apart from the extreme left who turn up for elections and keep within the parameters of democratic debate,” he says.


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