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“Didn’t I Tell You That I Will Pop Your Eyes Out?”: Mass Arrests at the Dissenters March in Petersburg

The St. Petersburg Times
December 16, 2008
Wave of Arrests in Protests Across Russia
By Sergey Chernov
Staff Writer

11802491mdoDozens of protesters were arrested Sunday during an anti-Kremlin protest in St. Petersburg aimed at the government’s handling of the economy and constitutional changes that prolong presidential terms.

The police said more than 60 protesters were detained near the Gostiny Dvor mall on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg’s main street, where the opposition groups had gathered, while more than 100 activists were reportedly detained at a similar event in Moscow. Protesters said no fewer than 100 were detained in St. Petersburg.

The date for the latest in a series of so-called Dissenters’ Marches was chosen to coincide with the Decembrist Uprising in 1825 that demanded Russia’s Tsarist autocracy be replaced with a constitutional monarchy or a republic.

Marches were held simultaneously in Moscow and St. Petersburg by Other Russia, the pro-democracy coalition formed by Garry Kasparov’s United Civil Front (OGF) and Eduard Limonov’s banned National Bolshevik Party (NBP), with a number of other political parties and movements joining them.
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If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Throw It at the World’s Biggest War Criminal

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Iceland’s Burning!

fanabrennaFrom the anarchist group Aftaka comes this communique—Direct Action in Iceland, a report on protest actions taken against the government, the police, and the banks in response to the country’s financial collapse.

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