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Who Makes the Nazis, Part II: The Young Guards Declare War on Migrant Laborers in Russia

An Autumnal Anti-Immigrant Exacerbation

Hard on the heels of the Locals (Mestnye) movement, the Young Guards of United Russia (Molodaya Gvardiia Edinoi Rossii — MGER) have joined the anti-immigrant campaign that is now underway in Russia. The expansion of this campaign is a particularly worrisome sign against the backdrop of preparations for November 4th celebrations [i.e., the so-called Day of Unity, which celebrates the victory over “Polish interventionists” in the seventeenth century and was explicitly meant to replace the traditional November 7th holiday that celebrated the October Revolution], when a heightening of nationalistic moods is observed even without additional factors.

On October 31, 2008, an announcement of the action “Our Money to Our People!!!” was published on the organization’s website. “We demand that migrant laborers be deported from Russia and that the border be closed to them in the coming year; that all vacancies be given to Russian citizens, [and] that legislative acts be passed to this effect,” it says in the announcement of the action. Continue reading

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