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Vlad & Friend Boris: “Song for Sarah (Mrs. Palin)”

Hello Sarah Palin we wrote this song for you because we see you from Russia! Plz respond to our emails!! We like to hear from you!!
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Chto Delat Weekly Reader No. 5

More news from the invisible front in the war of all against all. This week’s topics include: Eric Hobsbawm, Paul Virilio, Steven Shaviro, and Rick Kuhn on the world financial crisis; the effects of the crisis in Russia and the government’s attempts to pretend that Russia is an “island of stability”; Sarah Palin as “absolute terror” and the idiotic oligarchy leading the US to certain ruin; the Republican Party’s efforts to rig the vote in the US; white supremacists in the US try to go respectable; the “racist” vote for Obama; ten reasons why leftists should vote for Obama; the massive turn of young Japanese to the Communist Party; and an appreciation of filmmaker Peter Watkins. Continue reading

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