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Nikolay Oleynikov: NOFUCKINFUNNY

7:00 p.m., October 23, 2008
Paperworks Gallery
ART Strelka Cultural Center
Moscow, Bersenevskaya nab., 14, bldg. 5
Metro: Kropotinskaya

Musical guests:
DJ Fakie Mistake: minimal warm-up
Kirill Medvedev and Prohor: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “On Violence” and other poems (industrial hip-hop)
DJ Spirin: antifa disco

We invite all PEOPLE who do give a fuck about the wild outburst of neo-Nazism in its most disgusting forms; PEOPLE who have noticed how the new fascists have been transformed from pimple-faced pubescents in high, thick-soled boots into quick-witted, well-read champion athletes; PEOPLE who, nevertheless, have not stopped feeling disgust when they encounter THESE fascists; PEOPLE who do give a fuck that war and hunger have come to visit and are sitting on your couch with you and drinking your last cup of green tea; PEOPLE who do give a fuck that art has been turned into a cheap inside joke; PEOPLE who are fucking tired of being made to laugh.


* * * * * * *

Bearing the declaratively uncompromising, angry title NOFUCKINFUNNY, Nikolay Oleynikov’s new show opens the season at the Paperworks Gallery. The ten gouaches and one album on display here are models of traditional, even somewhat naïve, easel art; on the other hand, they are quasi-comics whose content is one part radical politics, one part existential philosophy. Continue reading

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