New Street University: Stop the Murder of Frogs on Russian Soil!

On October 19, 2008, New Street University (Petersburg), Humane Education (Moscow), and OD Group (Moscow) carried out a joint action in a pedestrian underpass on Nevsky Prospect. During the action, which took the form of a man-on-the-street survey, real live sociologists from Moscow pretended to be sociologists, while a rather large live frog was offered up as a sacrifice to passersby.

These unfortunate citizens were first handed leaflets containing the following text:

Stop the Murder of Frogs on Russian Soil!
In the biology department of Moscow State University, antiquated models of education hold sway. It is not only students who suffer from this, but even frogs. The department has not updated its educational methods since Soviet times. In particular, our little green pals are regularly subjected to archaic, bloodthirsty lab experiments.  It is not only students whose future careers will require them to be able to work with lab animals who are forced to engage in these practices, but also those who have chosen theoretical majors. Many students have spoken out, asking that students who have chosen one of these specialities be granted the right not to take part in such experiments. One fifth-year student was expelled for refusing to taking part in these unlawful experiments.

There is an alternative—Humane Education! Students can practice on artificial frogs (cats, etc.) and thus gain control of the production of knowledge.

Those passersby who were intrigued by this leaflet were asked to answer the following questionnaire—in the presence of a screaming, wriggling, “dissenting” frog on a leash:

1. Do you have a saw (garden shears, other sharp instrument)?
2. Have you ever had a dream in which you killed a frog? If yes, how often have you had this dream? Did the frog resemble your parents?
3. Would you be able to kill a frog in real life?
4. Are you prepared to do this right now? Or do you need to talk to your pastor (psychotherapist, academic adviser)?
5. If you are prepared to kill a frog, please indicate your purpose:
А) To advance the project of Enlightenment and positivistic science.
B) Because Bazarov was right.
C) For the sake of the bright future.
D) For the sake of popular education.
E) So that the lab assistant gets to keep his job.
F) In order to pass my course.
G) Because I simply detest frogs.
H) Other.

If you plan to kill a frog (or even a few frogs), please write to:

Dean M.P. Kirpichnikov
Moscow State University Biology Department
Vorobyovye Gory, 1/12
Moscow, Russia

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