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Petersburg: Anti-Draft Movement versus the Police State

Sergey Chernov
Police Arrive in Force for Demo
The St. Petersburg Times
October 14, 2008

Dozens of policemen, commanded by high-ranking officers, dispersed a handful of protesters, arresting three activists on Sunday.

The Stop Prizyv (Stop Conscription) movement, which includes members of the Republican Party of Russia, the Yabloko Democratic Party, the United Civil Front, and the youth movements Oborona and DA!, had planned to hold a March for an All-Volunteer Army in Park Pobedy. The authorities, however, denied them permission.

According to a letter signed by Vladimir Korovin, the head of the Moskovsky District Administration, the march could not be held there because Moskovsky Prospect is a “federal” highway, Park Pobedy itself is a federal historical and cultural site, and the European Table Tennis Championships were underway at the nearby Peterburgsky Sports and Concert Complex.

Instead of a march, the administration proposed that Stop Prizyv hold a stationary demonstration at Chernyshevsky Garden, far from the Central District’s busy streets, on Oct. 19. The organizers agreed to this change of plans, but said they would sue the administration. They are arguing that according to Russian law the authorities do not have the right to change the form of a demonstration. Continue reading

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