Chto Delat Weekly Reader No. 1

A selection of articles from our virtual magazine rack. This week’s topics include: the US/world financial crisis and the leftist response to it; the showdown between Bolivia’s leftist government and rightist insurrectionists; the latest provocative action by Moscow’s War Group; controversies amongst the Russian left over the war with Georgia; an obituary of American leftist Peter Camejo; another effort to resist infill construction in Petersburg; the politics of climate change; the “human strike”; and Jesse James, rightist terrorist.

  • 7 сентября в 21-00 в “Ашане” на Белой Даче на праздновании Дня города 
Москвы Война казнила через повешение двоих столичных пидарасов и троих 
гастаров таджиков. 
Акция памяти декабристов под лозунгом “Пестель нахуй не упал” стала 
художественным подарком мэру Юрию Лужкову к 861-й годовщине города. [At 9 pm on September 7, the War Group performed a mock execution of two “pederasts” and three “Tadjik guest workers” in the Auchan hypermarket at Belaya Dacha in Moscow. This action was performed in memory of the Decembrists and was intended as an “artistic gift” to Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov on the occasion of the city’s 861st birthday. The Warriors unfurled a banner with the slogan “Pestel Fucking Didn’t Fall” as they lynched five “enemies of the state” from overhead rigging in the store’s lighting department.] VideoPhotosLive Journal “Eyewitness” Account.
  • В. Плотников, МГРД. Пароходик Кагарлицкого. [“Kagarlitsky’s Steamer.” Vladimir Plotnikov takes issue with Boris Kagarlitsky’s recent critique of the allegedly “defeatist” stance adopted by certain Russian leftists vis-à-vis the Russia-Georgia war.]
  • Sergey Chernov. Local Celebrities Plant Trees to Protect Cherished Garden. St. Petersburg Times #1410 (74), Tuesday, September 23, 2008. Well-known local artists gathered Sunday to oppose the authorities’ plans to destroy one of the few surviving courtyard gardens on Petrograd Side and build a business center on the site, amid ongoing infill construction in the city.
  • Howard Slater. Burdened by the Absence of Billions? Marx’s concept of ‘species being’ is for some a way of re-connecting with fertile currents in the communist left. Howard Slater explores Frére Dupont’s recent book Species Being and Other Stories as a vehicle of exodus from left orthodoxies.
  • Larry Lohmann. The Politics of Climate Change. Larry Lohmann is a scholar and activist who works with the Corner House, a research and solidarity NGO in the UK that supports democratic and community movements for environmental and social justice. In this interview he untangles for us the political contours shaping and being shaped by the climate change crisis, the contradictions of carbon trading, and the spaces from where we can expect more constructive approaches to emerge.


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