Upcoming Activities, Publications and Related Events

In September 2008, members of Chto Delat will be in Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, Belgrade, and Tapei, as well as other locations. Read on for a complete list of upcoming events and activities.

  • 27 August. The new edition of the newspaper, “What Does It Mean to Lose? The Experience of Perestroika,” is arrested during a raid on the Polyarnaya Zvezda printing plant in Petersburg. (See full report here.) The issue was produced as a part of the installations for  U-TURN Copenhagen at the Kalmar Konstmuseum (Frictions and Conflicts) and the 49th October Salon in Belgrade.
  • 5 September-9 November. Chto Delat (Tsaplya and Gluklya, Oleinikov and Vilensky) are taking part in the U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark, with a new installation dedicated to perestroika.
  • Opens September 7. The video Angry Sandwichpeople or In Praise of the Dialectic has been invited to the 6th Gyumri Biennial in Armenia, curated by Georg Schoellhammer and Hedwig Saxenhuber.
  • 7 September. Chto Delat and Street University will be hosting a public discussion on “New Modes of Censorship in Russia” in Petersburg. Details TBA.
  • 8 September, 7 pm. Chto Delat will host a discussion on “Nation and Multitude” at the Jewish Community House in Petersburg. The discussion will be an exchange between philosopher Artemy Magun, poet Alexander Skidan, and artist Dmitry Vilensky.
  • Opens September 12. Perestroika-Songspiel. Victory over the Coup and Scarlet Sails by the Factory of Found Clothes will be on view at Kalmar Konstmuseum at the show Frictions and Conflicts: Cultural Influences and Exchange in Northeast Europe.
  • 14 September. Protest Match, a film by Dmitry Vilensky, will be featured at the 2008 Taipei Biennial in the project “A World Where Many Worlds Fit,” curated by Oliver Ressler. Dmitry Vilensky will take part in a round-table discussion about the changes and development the counter-globalisation movement has undergone in recent years, and the different strategies used by artists involved in these political struggles for a better society. Participants:
 Zanny Begg (AU), Noel Douglas (GB), Petra Gerschner (GER), Oliver Ressler (A), Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat (RUS)), Federico Zukerfeld and Loreta Suskind (Etcétera (ARG)).
  • 14-19 September. Alexander Skidan is taking part in the workshop “But What About the Context?”, a workshop in the framework of the eipcp project Translate. The workshop, including individual talks after the workshop, will take place in Vienna (Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna).

  • Opens September 15. The Chto Delat video Builders will be shown at the 13th Art Biennial Pancevo: Pancevo Respublica, in Serbia.

  • 17-23 September. Street University (Pavel Arsenev) will take part in the European Social Forum in Malmo, Sweden. A joint publication with Chto Delat, entitled “Knowledge in Action,” is planned. If it proves impossible to print the issue, it will be represented online in the form of a print on demand .pdf/online issue.
  • 5 September-5 October. Tsaplya and Gluklya and Alexey Penzin are taking part in the project Inertia at W139, Amsterdam.
  • 20-28 September. Chto Delat is starting a co-research project with the Belgrade magazine Prelom with support from the American Center Foundation. In the framework of this program, the artists Gluklya, Tsaplya, and Dmitry Vilensky and the researchers  Artemy Magun, Alexander Skidan, Oxana Timofeeva and Alexei Penzin will spend a week in Belgrade, where they will visit many local venues (kuda.org, THV and others) and run several public discussions at Magacin Gallery. We are planning to publish the results of this collaborative research.
  • Opens September 26. Chto Delat: Perestroika-Songspiel (Victory over the Coup) will be on view at Oktober Salon in Belgrade.
  • 27 September, 2:00-5:30 pm. Dmitry Vilensky will participate in  “Public Hearing Fact Sheet. Whatever Happened to the Alter-Globalization Movement? Learning from the Recent Past, Planning for the Future,” at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Gallery 5. Organized and curated by Kuratorisk Aktion. Participants: Zanny Begg; Mikkel Bolt, Eva la Cour, Oliver Ressler, Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat)
  • 28 September, 3:00-5:30 pm. Representing Perestroika. A public discussion organized  with Perpetuum Mobile (Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen). At U-TURN Copenhagen (Carlsberg).

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